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10 Chicago Estate Sale Companies To Watch


10 Chicago Estate Sale Companies To Watch

Planning on holding an estate sale in the windy city?  We hand picked 10 estate sale companies that serve the Chicago area who are truly exceptional. These accomplished companies are leading the way when it comes to the business of estate liquidation.

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Xcntric Estate Sales

Xcntric is a full time family owned and operated company servicing the Chicago area. Their creative approach to marketing makes their sales stand out and on top of that, they donate a portion of every estate sale’s proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Learn more about Xcntirc Estate Sales and get in touch

 Ampersand Estate Sales

Ampersand's branding is so right on that whenever we see an & now we think of them!  Their over 30 years of combined experience is impressive. When customers are raving about your ingenuity you know your doing something right!

Learn more about Ampersand Estate Sales and get in touch

 A1 Estate Sale

What makes A1 stand out is their attention to detail.  They even come prepared with a realistic retail market value appraiser ensuring accurate and careful pricing, enabling them to do things like turn a $2500 profit on a painting a client thought was worth only $100.  That's what we call a wow moment.

Iron Horse Estate Sales

We love when estate sales companies think outside of the box.  Iron Horse does just that by not only finding customers through their own mailing list, but also targeting collectors and collectors group.  We are duly impressed with their extensive list of testimonials, but are most impressed that one of their clients was so thankful that they sent flowers.

Learn more about Iron Horse Estate Sales and get in touch

Brie's Estate Sales

This mother and daughter team brings their unique combination of the gifts of fashion merchandising and finance to their estate liquidation business. With an emphasis on profesionalism and presentation, it's no wonder they have amassed such a large list of glowing  testimonials that include terms like mind-blowing, exceptional, and fabulous to name but a few.

The Perfect Thing

When one of the founders was named "Best Antiques Appraiser" by Chicago Magazine, you know you have a special company on your hands.  We also like how robust their marketing efforts for their sales are covering everything from web based advertising to in-store advertising.

 All Clear Estate Sales

Want to see some magic?  Check out All Clear's Before & After photo sets to see the wonder they work at their sales.  And that's not all that makes them unique.  One of their staff members, Joy was a teen-aged recording artist in the late 50's - how's that for fun?  Check out their Might Not Be Trash video series for an eye-popping reminder that your trash may be another's treasure.

Learn more about All Clear Estate Sales and get in touch

Shop Melee

You just know a company that assists clients with closet and home reorganizations is going to throw stellar estate sales. That's a given.  but Shop Melee is also a power seller on Ebay giving them a huge amount of experience with pricing and selling used items AND just take a look at their amazing team.

Learn more about Shop Melee and get in touch

Lynn's Home Estate Sales

If you are overwhelmed and need help, this is the estate sale company to talk to, just check out their testimonials.  Their team makes the process easy and understandable. We like their approach to sales. Their services are optimized to encourage sales, offering silent bidding for items that might be harder to sell.

 Treasure Trove Estate Sales

"I gave them keys to a house that I was completely overwhelmed with. They turned it back over to me empty, clean and ready to sell." This is the kind of testimonial that makes you stand up and take notice.  They also know the importance of showcasing your items & have an extensive network of resources, including a network of collectors, they use when appraising items.

Update: We've added a few more outstanding Chicago estate sale companies that we either learned about after our initial post or who you told us were amazing!

 Paxem, Inc

Paxem's tagline is "Moving Made Simple" and that is exactly what their clients rave about them doing.  Equally impressive is the breadth of services that Paxem offers - from senior relocation to moving and organizing of businesses and residential clients, to working with extremely messy homes and holding estate sales, there really is no area where Paxem could not help create the stress free transition they aim for.

Learn more about Paxem, Inc and get in touch

 Timesavers Estate Sales

Timesavers personal approach to each client is something that makes them stand out in a day and age where so few businesses take the time to truly customize their services to their client's needs.  Their core tenants of honesty, integrity and professionalism makes their interactions with clients wow worthy.  It is very clear that they love both their business AND their clients.

Learn more about Timesavers Estate Sales and  get in touch

Are you an awesome Illinois based estate liquidation company?
Do you know of one that we missed?  Let us know in the comments below.