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101 Reasons To Love Estate Sales - #3 Every Purchase Supports A Small Business

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101 Reasons To Love Estate Sales - #3 Every Purchase Supports A Small Business

 "Why help make big companies bigger when you can get the same thing from the little guy and actually help someone accomplish their dream?" - Trevor D. Richardson, Dystopia Boy: The Unauthorized Files 

Most estate sale companies are small business and many, like Vaughnteriors Estate Sale Services in Amherst Ohio, are family (and friend) run.

Next time you are at an estate sale, pause for a second and look at the people running the sale.  Estate sale companies are not corporations, they are built by people who most likely are standing in the home that you are.  They are built by people who know repeat customers by name, who care about their clients and who have created a business from the seeds of a dream.

They have worked extraordinarily hard to clean this very house, research and price the items for sale, answer questions and service customers.  They wear many hats and work so very hard to make every sale run smoothly.

When you purchase items from estate sale's you are supporting their business.  This is no small thing. And not only that, if you are an avid estate sale goer you will most likely get to know the owners and look forward to seeing their faces every weekend.  By supporting small businesses you are an integral part of the creation of this community.

Better yet, while many small businesses can not compete with the big stores, estate sales actually one up them.  Not only are their prices typically cheaper then what you can find in stores, they also offer unique goods that can not be found anywhere else.

More small businesses mean more community, connection, diversity and uniqueness.  Estate sale companies represent all of this and even more, they give family and friends an opportunity to build businesses together.  

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart. – Thomas Watson, Sr. 



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