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101 Reasons To Love Estate Sales


101 Reasons To Love Estate Sales


1. You never know what you are going to find.
2. They are good for the environment.
3. Every purchase supports a small business.
4. Shopping one can be like jumping into a time machine.
5. They are like a modern day treasure hunt.
6. You are making another's trash your treasure.
7. It's no guilt shopping.
8. You can literally shop history.
9. It's a great way to meet people.
10. You might bring mystery into your life when you buy something.
11. They remind you about what's really important.
12. Sometimes it's literally like stepping into a museum.
13. You can find things to resell.
14. You often see things from your childhood that bring back good memories!
15. You can find unique, one of a kind items at estate sales.
16. You can be an estate sale addict AND be proud of that fact!
17. They stretch your home decorating dollars.
18. You get to see the eccentricities of other people's lives.
19. You are helping someone out by buying their unwanted items.
20. You are giving something a second life when you buy it.
21. Because everyone should have a vinyl collection and estate sales are a great place to get one.
22. You can buy things that would be to expensive to purchase at retail price.
23. Old recipe collections - enough said!
24. Your 'new' items come with a story which makes them more memorable.
25. You are preserving things that might otherwise be lost.
26. You might find something meaningful from your past.
27. The amazing things you find there make it worth the effort.
28. You get a chance to see a stranger's memories.
29. If you find one held by someone with the same taste as you, you've hit the mother load!
30. It's a great way to find retro and vintage items.
31. Sometimes you hit the mother load.
32. You get to see the insides of a home.
33. There are these amazing things called half price days!
34. You get to explore attics and basements.
35. Sew much? Can you say vintage fabric?
36. You can buy just about everything at an estate sale.
37. You could furnish a whole house at an estate sale if you really wanted to.
38. Effort is rewarded. You can get there early to snag an item you have your eye on.
39. Think of it like a supply store for people who love to repurpose.
40. You might find things that remind you of your grandparents.
41. You get to see vintage & retro in it's real environment.
42. You learn that not everything is made to be thrown away.
43. They make you think about life and what you will leave behind.
44. You can find the perfect gift for someone that you know no one else would have purchased for them.
45. If you find one thing in your size most likely everything is in your size.
46. They teach you to honor the beauty of things people cherished.
47. You can find estate sales just about anywhere.
48. Boxes of old photographs.
49. Even when they are bad they are good.
50. The excitement of finding something you really like.
51. They are a great place to find unique art.
52. They can inspire strong emotions.
53. They sometimes give you a chance to know someone who is no longer with us.
54. You may just be a recipient of a random act of kindness at one.
55. You could fill your Instagram feed for a year with one good sale.
56. It feels good to repurpose things.
57. You get to see things you would never see anywhere else.
58. An estate sale weekend is like a small road trip in your own town.
59. They leave you with a sense of the story of a house and the people who lived in it.
60. You get a chance to cherish things that otherwise would be lost to dusty old garages or storage boxes.
61. You learn to love what comes with age and time.
62. You can restore your finds to like new condition becoming a rehabber of once loved items.
63. You can give a new home to things other people don't want.
64. You are helping someone release things they no longer need.
65. Estate sale finds can be inspiring.
66. You might just find clues on how to live well at an estate sale if you look hard enough.
67. People who love estate sales are the best type of people.
68. Sharing your estate sale finds is fun!
69. It is one of the few places you can learn that things like  Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook existed.
70. Want stand out fashion items? It's so easy to find unique accessories at estate sales.
71. Because you might just find a billionaire vampire at your next estate sale (just kidding - but apparently this romance novel doesn't think so).
72. Estate Sale Haul = Eclectic mix of treasures.
73. You often find treasures in the most unexpected places (or the smallest places).
74. Books are usually a huge bargain at estate sales and you have to love anyplace that makes it easy for you to be a proud book owner!
75. They give you a chance to see some of the poignancy of life.
76. Even if you don't buy things, the experience of shopping is still an interesting one.
77. Estate sales are one of the few places you may be able to buy something a celebrity once owned.
78. Estate sales make holiday decorating easy.
79. What you find there may inspire new creations.
80. When you find one thing you like there is a good chance you will find many things you love.
81. You can get amazing deals.
82. They cure "junk desperation".
83. Almost everything at them could be made into art.
84. You might get lucky and complete that dish set you've lost pieces to over the years.
85. Old Catalogs, Handbooks and Ads.
86. Can you say BAGS of vintage jewelry?
87. Unlike garage sales and yard sales, estate sales happen year round, snow or sunshine.
88. There aren't many places left where you can still get awesome things for $1.
89. The thrill of the hunt.
90. There are lessons to learn.
91. They are a collector's paradise.
92. You can make beautiful sets out of things you find.
93. You will see things you have never seen anywhere else, ever if you go to enough.
94. They might just restore your faith in humanity.
95. The surprises don't always end when the sale does.
96. They can be a beautiful experience.
97. They are a great place to find the most undervalued antique.
98. Great place to find costumes!
99. It's the #1 way to furnish a college grad or student to furnish their new apartment.
100. You leave with bags of interesting and eclectic finds.
101. It's a "slow, steady and mindful path to beauty".