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Posted: 8-21-2019, By Kate

Travel back in time by going to an estate more

Posted: 10-18-2017, By Shawn

Looking to add some high-end amplifiers to your setup? Estate sales are the perfect place to shop for amplifiers. Learn what to look for when buying a used or vintage more

October 2017 Estate Sale & Auction News
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Posted: 10-6-2017, By Kate

Every month we scour the web for the latest estate sale and auction news to share with you as well as sites, stories & videos we think you'll love.  Let us know if you have some estate sale news to share by contacting more

Posted: 9-27-2017, By Kate

Here's the lowdown on one super simple change you can make to your estate sale company website that will help you interact better with both potential clients & more

Estate Sales For Collectors
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Posted: 9-26-2017, By Shawn

Are you a collector? Find out why estate sales need to be on your radar and how to approach shopping more

How To Find Estate Sales In Your Area
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Posted: 9-20-2017, By Shawn

Searching for estate sales can be confusing if you don't know the best way to do it but there are a number of ways to maximize your success of finding the best estate sales to more

Supercharge Your Style With Vintage T-Shirts
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Posted: 9-11-2017, By Shawn

I hope you'll agree vintage T-Shirts are really awesome, a totally legit way to express your hipness, and not to mention, nice and comfortable. In this post we share the secrets to finding authentic vintage more

Posted: 9-8-2017, By Shawn

Vintage computing can be a fun hobby and you may find that owning old computers changes how you look at the latest and greatest technology. This guide will help you understand why you might want to start collecting vintage computer equipment but also what to look for if you more

Posted: 5-11-2017, By Shawn

Marking the price on outdoor items can be tricky due to weather and materials. Learn the best way to price outdoor items at your estate more

Posted: 3-12-2017, By Kate

Learn how inventory management can help you build a better estate liquidation more

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