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Find the Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift At An Estate Sale

The best things to look for at Estate Sales when Christmas shopping.


Find the Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift At An Estate Sale

If I were to tell you that even only days before Christmas you could still find places to shop that weren’t as crowded as the mall, had seriously one of a kind things for just about everyone and could even save some of that Christmas present money would you believe me?

Still looking for Christmas Presents - Time to Shop An Estate Sale

It's true and the place to find that unique/awesome last minute Christmas present is at an estate sale near you.  It's a safe be that you'll be able to find great estate sales and auction up until the 23rd of December.  Bonus - this type of last minute Christmas shopping is more like an adventure then a hassle.  

How do you make it fun? Think of it like a scavenger hunt.  Make a list of the people you need to find Christmas presents for and wander through homes searching for something that they will love.  You'll look like a rockstar shopper for picking up something unique and thoughtful and they'll never know you waited til the clock was ticking down.

Christmas Presents You Can Find at Estate Sales

Here are just a few suggestions for what to be on the lookout for when searching for that perfect present at an estate sale.

Presents for antique lovers you can find at estate sales:
Okay - well, we really don't have to tell you that you hit the jackpot here do we.  Antiques and collectibles are easy to find at estate sales.  No need to even try hard with this one!

Presents for sports fans you can find at estate sales:
Be on the lookout for local sports memorabilia, especially historical items.  Often you can find autographed baseballs, vintage sport collectibles, historical photos, jerseys and more at estate sales.

Presents for creative folks you can find at estate sales:
Hunt down a sale from the estate of an artist or an art lover and you'll be on your way to a home-run.  Look for vintage art materials (trust us, these are always cool), art history books as well as instructional books, original art from unknown artists and lithographs and original art from famous artists (last minute Dali anyone?)

Presents for music aficionados you can find at estate sales:
Let's see - guitars, flutes, violins, accordions, you name a musical instrument and you can find it at an estate sale and you don't have to be shopping for a musician to find one that is a great gift, many are simply beautiful to look at and could be a great display piece for someone who appreciates music.  Also search for old record players and pair them with an awesome set of vintage records.  Don't forget the sheet music - you can usually pick up fantastic sheet music for next to nothing at estate sales.

Presents for handymen/women you can find at estate sales:
One of the great secret deals at estate sales is usually found in the tool room.  You can pick up awesome modern and vintage tools for a fraction of what you would pay in the stores.  Also look for tool cases and tool organizers.

Presents for foodies you can find at estate sales:
Beeline it straight for the kitchen.   Look for wealthy neighborhoods to find high quality cookware for a great price.  Or if your foodie is more of a nostalgic type hunt down a set of vintage dinnerware - you will be amazed at the beautiful plates and dishes you can find at estate sales.  If your foodie loves wine - score a set of wine glasses at just about every sale.  Last but not least search the shelves for cookbooks.  We actually love to get local cookbooks at estate sales, but you'll find just about everything from the original Betty Crocker cookbook to modern cookbooks.

Presents for Christmas lovers you can find at estate sales:
Vintage Christmas items are a little harder to come by these days at estate sales, but you might be lucky to find some.  What is readily available are beautiful ornaments, lovely Christmas collectibles and decorations galore.  If you are searching for a Christmasy Christmas gift you will be sure to find it at an estate sale. Super shopper hint - check the basement first - many times this is where the decorations will be.

We believe in shopping outside of the box, especially when it comes to gifts.  If your still looking for those perfect last minute presents try something new and find an estate sale near you that just might have the perfect thing!

Have you ever bought a Christmas present at an estate sale?  Share your stories and photos in the comments below!