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November 5th - November 24th


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Just in time for the Holidays! Up for Auction! Over 400 Lots of Fine Estate Jewelry including Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Coins, Antiques, Antique Persian Rugs, Fine Estate Lamps, Décor, Collectibles, Asian, Art and So Much More! This is an Online Only Timed Auction and items will sell Absolute to the Highest Bidder! BID NOW from the Comfort of Your Phone! Online Bidding is Now Open! It’s easy… Simply register online with a credit card, sit back and bid from the comfort of your phone! Online Bidding is NOW OPEN! BID TODAY!


  1. Place your maximum bid with confidence. Our easy and trusted bidding system ensures you get the best prices. Your bid stays at the lowest price required to keep you in the lead, and increases only if another bidder places a competing bid.
  2. In the event the bidding surpasses your maximum bid you will be notified prior to auction close with the option to adjust your bid. Bid with Confidence!
  3. Bid with confidence as you are the only person with visibility to see your maximum bid! We can only see the current bid price!



This is an Online Only Auction! Online Bidding is Now Open! All items can be paid for online by credit card and will be packed and shipped by a professional shipping service. Local pick-up available.


Lot Number    Lot Title

  • 1      18k Yellow Gold Multi Tone Gold
  • 2      18k Yellow Gold Necklace
  • 3      14k Yellow Gold Bracelet
  • 4      18k Yellow Gold Bracelet 
  • 5      14k Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace
  • 6      14k Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace
  • 7      14k Yellow Gold Nugget Cuff Links
  • 8      14k Yellow Gold Seiko Nugget Watch
  • 9      14k Yellow Gold Chain Necklace
  • 10    18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Size 6.75
  • 11    Pair of 1906 and 1907 14k Gold Cuff Links
  • 12    14k Yellow Gold Bracelet
  • 13    14k Yellow Gold Bracelet ''Gumps''
  • 14    14k Gold Ring with Emeralds
  • 15    18k Ladies Yellow Gold Signed Reef Earrings
  • 16    Waltham 18k Yellow Gold Pocket Watch
  • 17    14k Yellow Gold Ring
  • 18    14k Yellow Gold Seashell Clip on Earrings
  • 19    18k Yellow Gold Damaged Necklace
  • 20    Karbra 14k Yellow Gold Bull Pin
  • 21    Wachler 18k Gold Brooch
  • 22    2 14k Yellow Gold Rings
  • 23    14k Yellow Gold Pendant
  • 24    18k Yellow Gold Bracelet 
  • 25    14k Yellow Gold Necklace
  • 26    14k Yellow Gold Mesh Necklace
  • 27    14k Yellow Gold European Pendant Brooch with 8 Rubies 2 Diamonds and 20 Pearls
  • 28    18k Gold Modern Museum of Art Necklace
  • 29    14k Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring with 9 Oval Cut Garnet Stones
  • 30    14k Yellow Gold Signed Ring with Aquamarine Stone
  • 31    Lot of 14k Yellow Gold Jewelry including 2 Earrings and 2 Pendants
  • 32    14k Yellow Gold Galactic Moon and Star Earrings with Gemstone
  • 33    Antique Victorian Unmarked 10k Etched Ring
  • 34    Antique 10k Yellow Gold Ring with Costume Centerstone
  • 35    Vintage 14k White Gold Bulova Diamond Watch
  • 36    14k Fire Opal and Garnets Custom Ring
  • 37    14k Yellow Gold and Black Onyx Earrings '' Gumps ''
  • 38    14k Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet
  • 39    14k and Red Stone Necklace
  • 40    14k Earrings with Opals
  • 41    Antique Victorian Sliding Tassel Necklace
  • 42    Antique Elgin Pocket watch with Pink Porcelain Dial and Victorian Case
  • 43    Antique Art Nouveau French Leaf Necklace
  • 44    14k Yellow Gold Dragonfly Brooch with Pink Stone and Opal
  • 45    Modern Museum of Arts Gemstone and 18k Necklace
  • 46    Antique Rhinestone Jewelry Lot
  • 47    Ladies Knotted Pearl Necklace with 14k Gold Four Leaf Clover Clasp
  • 48    2 Vintage Rhinestone Brooches
  • 49    Christian Dior Clip on Earrings with Rhinestones
  • 50    Vintage 12k Gold Filled Scarab Bracelet Watch with Gemstones
  • 51    Vintage Enamel and Jade Asian Bracelet
  • 52    Vintage Sterling Silver Trifari Jewelry Set
  • 53    Modern Silver Necklace with Gemstones
  • 54    Sterling Silver Necklace and Bracelet Lot
  • 55    Antique 18k Gold Faced Ladies Watch
  • 56    Antique Gold Plated Toothpick
  • 57    Lot of Costume and Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • 58    Native American Sterling Silver Ring and Earrings
  • 59    Handwrought Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
  • 60    Zales .925 Silver & Diamond Heart Necklace
  • 61    Zales 10k White Gold and Diamonds Necklace
  • 62    Zales 10k White Gold and Diamond Earrings
  • 63    14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring
  • 64    Grouping of Modern Cultured Pearl Bracelets and Necklaces
  • 65    Native American Sterling Silver Shadowbox Belt Buckle
  • 66    United States Coin Lot with 3 Silver Dollars and Buffalo Nickel Necklace
  • 67    Native American Silver Ring with Stone Inlay
  • 68    Native American Silver Pendant with Stone Inlay Depicting a Bird
  • 69    Antique Victorian French 10k Gold Cameo
  • 70    Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry Lot with Watermelon Beaded Necklace and 2 Butterfly Rings
  • 71    Vintage Art Enamel Brooch with Flowers
  • 72    Vintage Miriam Haskell Costume Pearl Style Three Strand Choker
  • 73    Antique Cameo with Onyx Back on Copper Frame
  • 74    Vintage Silver and Amber Jewelry Set of Pendant, Ring and Earrings
  • 75    Sterling Silver Cross and Earrings Set with Synthetic Gemstones
  • 76    Lot of Native American Fetish Silver and Stone Necklaces
  • 77    Tapered Turquoise Necklace with Arrowhead
  • 78    Two Branch Coral and Silver Necklaces. One with Turquoise
  • 79    Variety of Watches Including Citizen Watches
  • 80    Ironwood Pendant with Turquoise and Silver Mid Century Pendant
  • 81    Native American Silver Concho Belt
  • 82    Accutron Watch with 10k Yellow Gold and 3 Diamond Pin
  • 83    14k Yellow Gold with Diamond Emerald Amethyst and Ruby Ring
  • 84    14k and Tapered Baguettes Diamond Ring
  • 85    14k Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds and Opals
  • 86    10k Yellow Gold Ring with 3 Diamonds Marked ''HJ''
  • 87    14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Pendant
  • 88    14k Yellow Gold and Opal Ring
  • 89    10k Yellow Gold Fraternity Pin with Seed Pearls
  • 90    Womens Designer Fashion Ring
  • 91    3 American Silver Eagles 1986, 2 1987
  • 92    5 Morgan Silver Dollars
  • 93    4 Morgan Silver Dollars
  • 94    18 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars
  • 95    Silver half Dollar Lot
  • 96    Silver Columbian Half Dollar
  • 97    World Silver Coin Lot
  • 98    Replica 1933 Gold Double Eagle
  • 99    .900 Silver Cinco Pesos Mexican Coin
  • 100  Antique Foreign Coin Mixed Lot
  • 101  Antique Foreign Coin Mixed Lot
  • 102  Antique Foreign Coin Mixed Lot
  • 103  Antique Foreign Coin Mixed Lot
  • 104  Antique Foreign Coin Mixed Lot
  • 105  Antique Foreign Coin Mixed Lot
  • 106  Antique Foreign Coin Mixed Lot
  • 107  311 United States Silver Dimes
  • 108  303 United States Silver Quarters
  • 109  1889 Plain PCS Cased Morgan Dollar
  • 110  1909 VDB US Wheat Penny
  • 111  2 1/2 Silver Troy Fine Oz Panda Coins and 1 1983 Panda Coin
  • 112  1816, 1818 1844 US Large Cent Coins
  • 113  1854 O US Seated Liberty Half Dollar with Arrows
  • 114  1797 Charles 4 Coin
  • 115  1840 O , 1861 ,1882, 1876 CC Seated Dimes and Half Dimes
  • 116  1853, 1865, 1868, 1865, 1873 US Silver 3 cent pieces.
  • 117  1897 and 1902 Indian Head Pennies
  • 118  Grouping of Barber Silver Half Dollars, Buffalo Nickels and Barber V Nickels
  • 119  Marcus 116-180 AD Denarius Roman Coin
  • 120  Grouping of vintage key date US Coins
  • 121  Grouping of Indian Head Pennies
  • 122  Grouping of 6 early US Wheat Pennies Including 1909 VDB
  • 123  Grouping of Miscellaneous US and Foreign Coins
  • 124  1877 Indian Head Penny
  • 125  1871 US Indian Head Penny
  • 126  1872 US Indian Head Penny
  • 127  1878 US Indian Head Penny
  • 128  1909 S US Indian Head Penny
  • 129  Whitman 1856-1909 Indian Head Cent Book with 53 Pennies
  • 130  United States Type Collection with green Book with 1832 Bust Dollar and 1876 Seated Liberty Dollar
  • 131  Jefferson and Lincoln Coin Book Sets
  • 132  Wittman Lincoln Cent Book including Lincoln Wheat Head Pennies
  • 133  Emile Albert Gruppe original oil on canvas
  • 134  Alessandro Sani original art on canvas
  • 135  1971 Bernard Hesling (1905- 1987 Australia) Original enamel on metal.
  • 136  John Winch (Sydney 1994-present) Original art on canvas.
  • 137  Emile Albert Gruppe original oil on canvas
  • 138  1977 R. C. Gorman#29/80 signed lithograph
  • 139  Dorothy Fox ??? Original watercolor on paper.
  • 140  1976 Marcia Levins Cowee signed and numbered lithograph
  • 141  1973 Don Schairer original watercolor on paper
  • 142  1878 Rosa Bonbour original oil on paper
  • 143  1934 Franklyn Fairchild art rainbow vs. Endeavour
  • 144  1969 Clifton Karhu "glonII" #40/50
  • 145  1969 Clifton Karhu "Ching Sin" #27/50
  • 146  Circa 1844 hand tinted antique lithograph Scandinavian
  • 147  Circa 1844 hand tinted antique lithograph Scandinavian
  • 148  14K Yellow gold Italian designer necklace
  • 149  14K Yellow gold Italian designer necklace
  • 150  10K White and yellow gold Turkish panel necklace
  • 151  10K Yellow gold necklace
  • 152  14K White gold Italian panel necklace
  • 153  18k White gold necklace with diamond and pearl pendant
  • 154  10K Yellow gold necklace with gemstones and 4 diamond melee
  • 155  14K White gold modern necklace with 16 round cut diamonds and 20 emerald cut blue topaz stones
  • 156  14K Yellow gold and diamond spiral pendant with sterling silver chain
  • 157  14K Yellow gold cross earrings
  • 158  14K Gold Linked Italian necklace
  • 159  14K Yellow gold southwest necklace with inlay turquoise, signed
  • 160  14K White gold modern studio necklace with opal turquoise and gemstone
  • 161  14K Yellow gold Italian necklace with red gemstone and diamonds
  • 162  14K Yellow gold necklace with diamond melee and polished blue cabochon
  • 163  Modern 3 strand pearl necklace with 14K clasp
  • 164  14K Yellow gold lapis lazuli and pearl necklace
  • 165  14K Yellow gold and pink coral necklace
  • 166  14K Gold pearl and blue gemstone necklace
  • 167  14K Gold and rose gemstone necklace
  • 168  Sterling silver and 18K gold Movado necklace
  • 169  Sterling silver and 18K gold Movado with amethyst cabochon necklace and ring
  • 170  Sterling silver and 18K gold Movado bracelet
  • 171  Sterling silver and 18k gold with Lapis lazuli ring.
  • 172  Sterling silver & 18K gold pendant with amethyst center stone and diamond melee
  • 173  Sterling silver and 14K gold tri color twist necklace
  • 174  Sterling silver & 18k gold pendant with butterflies and sterling silver necklace
  • 175  Sterling silver and 10K gold necklace with 7diamonds and ruby gemstone pendant
  • 176  Sterling silver & 14K gold necklace with yellow gemstone pendant
  • 177  Sterling silver necklace with approximately 51 diamonds
  • 178  14k Yellow gold necklace with approximately 24 diamonds
  • 179  14K Yellow gold necklace with 9 round cut diamonds and 8 emerald cut diamonds
  • 180  10k White gold necklace with topaz pendant with 4 diamonds
  • 181  14K Gold Jade and mother of pearl medallion necklace
  • 182  10K necklace with 14K gold pendant with multi colored gemstones
  • 183  14K White gold snowflake shaped pin/pendant with multicolored gemstones & approximately 12 diamonds.
  • 184  14K White gold necklace with topaz gems  
  • 185  10K Yellow gold necklace with emerald cut diamonds.
  • 186  10K Yellow gold necklace with multi-colored gemstone leaf pendant.
  • 187  14K White gold chain with 18K white gold pendant with multi-colored gemstones and diamonds
  • 188  14K multi colored gold necklace with 3 ring circle pierced pendant
  • 189  unmarked 10K Gold with amethyst diamond
  • 190  10K White gold necklace with 18K Pendant with topaz and diamonds
  • 191  14K& 10k Multi-colored gemstone pendants. 1 gold butterfly and 2 tear dropped shaped.
  • 192  10K Yellow gold with multi-colored gemstones slider charms
  • 193  14k Yellow gold earrings with multi-colored gemstones and diamonds
  • 194  10K & 14K Bag of gold jewelry
  • 195  14K White gold necklace with square diamond pendant
  • 196  18K White gold square diamond pendant with 5 loose diamonds.
  • 197  10K White gold ring with pink gemstones and fire opal cabochon center stone
  • 198  14K Yellow gold ring with diamond melee and multi-colored inlays
  • 199  14K Yellow gold tuna pendant with blue opal
  • 200  14K White gold pendant with 34 diamond melee and polished brown cabochon
  • 201  18K White gold ring with 39 diamonds in diamond shape
  • 202  18K White gold ring with 3 diamond strip
  • 203  18K multi colored gold diamond shaped pendant with sun design
  • 204  18K White gold pendant with multi-colored stones and diamond melee in leaf shape
  • 205  14K Yellow gold earring and ring set with Jade stone
  • 206  18K White gold square pendant with blue gemstones and emerald cut diamonds
  • 207  14K White gold rectangular pendant with multi-colored gemstones
  • 208  14KT Yellow gold and lapis lazuli beaded bracelet
  • 209  18K White gold circular pendant with multi-colored circular stone charms on inside
  • 210  14K Yellow gold flower pendant with blue and purple stones
  • 211  14K Yellow gold sliding pendant with 7 red gemstones
  • 212  18K Yellow gold necklace with modern tassel pendant
  • 213  10K Yellow gold tear drop Pendant with Red gemstone and approximately 14 diamonds
  • 214  14K Yellow gold triangular pendant with opal
  • 215  10K White gold ring with 6 diamonds and oval cut gemstone
  • 216  10K White gold leaf shaped pendant with diamond and black diamonds.
  • 217  10K Yellow gold necklace with 12 diamond burst
  • 218  14K Yellow gold and opal southwest pendant
  • 219  14K White gold necklace w/ 18K Pendant. Oval shaped pendant with 6 multi-colored gold encircled diamonds with outline of melee diamonds.
  • 220  10K Yellow gold necklace with round cut and emerald cut S-shaped pendant
  • 221  Unmarked 14K White gold square clip on earrings
  • 222  Unmarked 14K white gold ring with square gemstone
  • 223  14K White gold necklace and ring with dark blue gemstones and aqua center stone in both
  • 224  10K black and yellow gold flower pendant with pearl center.
  • 225  14K White gold chain necklace
  • 226  14K Yellow gold star shaped sliding pendant with round cut and emerald cut diamonds, 14K bronze colored gold flower shaped pendant with melee diamonds
  • 227  1 10K Yellow gold tear drop sliding pendant with 3 diamonds 1 unmarked 10K sliding pendant with melee diamonds 
  • 228  3 14K 1 10K White gold chain necklaces
  • 229  Unmarked bag 10K multi colored gold earrings and one ring
  • 230  Fine jewelry ring with 2 round cut diamond center stones and 2 melee diamond side stones
  • 231  14K White gold ring with 3 emerald stones and 12 diamonds
  • 232  18K Yellow gold ring with round cut diamond center stone
  • 233  10K Yellow gold ring with diamond cluster cocktail ring
  • 234  14K Yellow gold ring with round cut and baguette diamonds
  • 235  2.88 Carat tanzanite stone with documentation
  • 236  46 piece Reed & Barton antique sterling silver flatware set
  • 237  Antique are nouveau metal monumental vase depicting 3 woman
  • 238  19th Century Emile-Louis Picault French bust of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 239  Antique Oak English Sculpture Stand
  • 240  Turkish Spartan hand woven rug
  • 241  Persian Sarouk hand woven rug
  • 242  Persian Sarouk hand woven rug
  • 243  Persian Sarouk hand woven rug
  • 244  Persian Sarouk hand woven rug
  • 245  Persian Sarouk hand woven rug
  • 246  Persian Sarouk hand woven rug
  • 247  Persian Qum hand woven rug
  • 248  Turkish tribal hand woven rug
  • 249  Persian Kashan hand woven rug
  • 250  Pair of Antique Italian Baroque Style Table Lamps
  • 251  Large Pair of Vintage Brilliant Cut Glass and Brass Globe Table Lamps
  • 252  Vintage Italian Marble and Gilded Metal Lamps with Crystals
  • 253  Stunning Large Vintage Translucent Alabaster Table Lamp
  • 254  Antique Hand Painted Adjustable Table Lamp
  • 255  Rare Pair of Italian Mid-Century Gold Gild Hydrangea Flower Lamps
  • 256  Classic Pair of Vintage Marbro Cut Crystal and Brass Lamps
  • 257  Timeless Pair of Vintage Neoclassical Green Marble and Brass Table Lamps
  • 258  Unbelievable Pair of Vintage Marbro Original Table Lamps
  • 259  Timeless Pair of Vintage Italian Crystal and Gold Gild Table Lamps
  • 260  Large Mid-Century Seguso Iridescent Mouth-Blown Glass with Gold Flakes and Repousse Brass Base
  • 261  Beautiful Mid-Century Murano Green Stretch Glass Lamp by Angelo Nason
  • 262  Vintage Large 7 Lamp Italian Gold Gild Metal Wall Lamp
  • 263  Antique Brass Bronze and Alabaster Pedestal / Side Table
  • 264  Large Vintage Italian R Capodimonte Ceramic Art Pedestal Base




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