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Wedgwood AMAZING ESTATE Sale by Hannah's Attic

September 23rd
September 24th


9/23 - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9/24 - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
The full address will be available after September 23rd at 6 AM PST.
Seattle, WA, 98115


This listing is for an ESTATE SALE at a specific location.
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Get ready for the most incredible sale!!  We have waited a million years for this AMAZING SALE!!!!!! This will be a 2 week prep as there is SO MUCH GREAT STUFF packed into this home. We can't currently walk among the treasures as they are piled from floor to ceiling. Some of the fabulous things are an antique collection of clocks, antique pottery all sorts (family was friends with Laguna pottery and bought and bought and bought). Prints, paintings, MCM. Eclectic books. African art. So much amazing stuff. We are totally thrilled to do this sale. Here are some of the amazing highlights:

This family was way into collecting antiques. There is over 60 years of accumulated eclectic treasures.

Antique clock collection tons of vintage and antique clocks including Chelsea, Windsor, Ansonia, Sessions, weighted banjo clocks, case clocks, regulator clocks and more..

Tons of antique and vintage pottery including Van Briggle, Fiesta, McCoy, Nemadji, Evans, Franciscan and more.

Franciscan Gladding McBean HUGE set of Wheat dishes and more.

Tons of 1970's studio pottery face mugs, jars and more.

Tons of 1950's & 1960's pottery, planters and figures.

Framed Joan Miro (with certificate of authenticity).

African paintings.

Tons of art. Tons. Some of the paintings include the following artists James Ross, Anne Grgich, John Peers and more.

Native American items.

Fulper pottery lamp.

The coolest of cool Mid Century Modern lamps.

Slot machine.

Large flat screen TV.

Tons of Fostoria American.

Tubes (tube radios etc).

Antique and vintage lamps.

Vintage advertising.

MCM chairs.

2 James Ross oil paintings.

Antique dressers.

Tons of eclectic books.

Large selection of vintage and antique African Art including carved antique wood figurals and so much more. The family lived in the Congo back in the 1960's and bought. We haven't ever seen this much in one sale.

Tons of jewelry including Amber, sterling, watches, rhinestones, bakelite, bagged lots and so much more. Pocket watches and a bag of many pocket watch parts.

Outdoor furniture.

Tons of original art. Listed artists, prints, framed art and more.

Guest cabin full of goodies including 2 twin beds, mini fridge, small flat screen, antique "cabin" furniture and more.

Vintage Pachinko machines.

Vintage Danish Modern dining table and chair set.

Antique and vintage rugs.

Murano clown collection.


Full kitchen.

Tons of vintage Nippon and Japan pottery.

Huge full kitchen.


Bird cages.

Saltwater fish tanks.

Downstairs (can't even move down there yet) full of tools and all sorts of treasures.

Garage with tools.

Did I mention tons of pottery? Tons and tons.

Darling guest house full of goodies too.

Outdoor tools, chemicals and more.

We have so much to unpack...........

We keep finding treasures. This house is a "hoarder" house and it is so jammed. There will be something for everyone.

Digger garage and digger basement.

Security on site as well as cameras. Cross street will come out Friday before 6pm and address will be up Saturday September 23 by 6am with the address for sale.


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