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September 18th
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9/18 - 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
9/19 - 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
9/20 - 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
64 Woods St.
Dunstable, MA, 01827
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This listing is for an ESTATE SALE at a specific location.

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603 Estate Sales

~ The Most Awarded Estate Liquidator in New Hampshire ~





 64 Woods Ct. Dunstable Massachusetts

** Please read entire ad! **

An amazing Home and a detached 1700's Three Level Barn FULL await you for this 3 Day sale! Everything inside the home is of quality and very clean. For you picker types, the 1700's Barn is loaded to the rafters with all sorts of antiques, primitives, tools, machinery, and tons of rusty gold! Bring gloves and a flashlight for searching this massive Barn!  This Estate is loaded up with so much to browse through, and it all has to go! This is a ONE TIME 14 Hour 3 Day ONLY Total Liquidation Sale to leave the home completely empty! Do not miss this one time opportunity! Folks, this is what makes Estate Sale shopping SO MUCH FUN! 

How are we going to Empty this behemoth? Good Deals from the start along with deeper discounts each day. On Sunday we will be standing by to take all and any offers on remaining items so be prepared for a fast ending to this sale with deepest discounts on Sunday from 9am-1pm when we close. 

There may be a few Pre-Sale items we will list here soon. Check back here shortly.


You must come to and be at the actual sale for pricing and to purchase everything else! 


Come be one of over 12,500 followers on our Facebook page! ( Search for 603 Estate Sales on Facebook! )

This is an on-sight Tag Sale/ Estate Sale inside the home to completely sell off the entire contents in only 3 Days! 603 Estate Sales invites you to come shop this true complete, full and final Liquidation


We follow the golden rule of professionally run Estate Sales, you'll have to come to the sale for prices!


Parking: Parking is to one side only on Woods Court. There is a public parking area belonging to the State right by the home for closest parking. If you park in there, please park responsibly, do not block anyone in. The driveway will be used for pick up of paid for items only. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS. 


Covid/CDC Guidelines:   We will conduct our business as to follow all requirements and all Guidelines by the CDC at the time of this Ad, including those by the State of Mass. and/or Local Laws that apply to Retail Business. This will include:

*Shoppers will be Required to Wear Face Coverings at the sale. Our Team will also be Required to do so. 

*Hand Sanitizer will be available at the Entrance and at the Cashier. 

*Social Distancing whenever and wherever possible. 

*50% of Max. Occupancy inside the building depending on if we have that many shoppers shopping at any given time

Please Note: As we are classified as a Retail Business, we are required to obey 50% of Max. Occupancy inside the home. During the mornings when we may have a line to get inside, we ask kindly that each shopper be respectful of those waiting to enter and to shop QUICKLY and not to loiter. We do not wish to impose more "Rules" and tell shoppers exactly how much time they are allowed, but we reserve that right at any point if we have a massive turnout. AS ALWAYS, if you DO NOT like to wait to get in, do not come anywhere near opening time. Coming later in the day is usually smart if you would rather not have to wait around for your turn to get inside. We have no "Crystal Ball", but typically the first 2 hours are our busiest times. 

We ask all to come with lots patience and understanding. Keep in mind that all this is new to us as well, in only a couple months time, ours like so many other small businesses have been knocked down, beat up, taken a sizable blow financially as well as emotional toll and forced to change the way we do business. There will be hiccups along the way, but understand we need to follow whatever rules we need to in order to get us back to work, and to keep our crew and our clients and shoppers safe. No matter what side you may or may not be on; just know we appreciate each and everyone of you who support us as a small business the way we do for each other which makes us different in a good way here in New Hampshire. 

We simply want to get back to normal doing what we love!  -Thank you!

Attendance: We do not do sign in sheets. Form a line only. We expect a big turnout for this sale, because who doesn't like amazing prices on thousands of amazing items! We will let in the most shoppers at one time that we deem is accurate based on the safety of our shoppers and the size of the home. Our highest priority is the safety of our shoppers. Please do not be grumpy with us if you roll out of bed late and have to wait in line. The early bird absolutely gets the worm. We open at the advertised time and never allow early entry. If you really want your best chance at getting in right when we open, we recommend arriving VERY EARLY in the morning MANY HOURS before we open. If you don't like crowds or waiting, we recommend coming later in the day. If you arrive hours before we open, we just ask for you NOT to walk the property and to stay BEHIND our open/closed sign. Anyone not abiding to this will be asked to leave. Cameras with motion sensors are mounted around the property inside and out. Thank you for the respect!

Last Hour Bargains! Anything remaining the last hour of our sale on the last day will be heavily discounted in every effort to leave this property empty! We call this "Power Hour", meaning If you are a

reseller, bargain shopper, super frugal or just darn "cheap", we invite you to attend the last hour of our sale, bring a box make a pile and name your price! Seriously, if you can get it out of the sale in the last hour the deals will be unheard of! It's a smart idea to come back to our sales the last hour! Just make sure you can get it all out by closing time. No exceptions.

We can guarantee you'll want to mark these days on the calendar to be in Dunstable!

Please note there is so much more than in photos! We are busy setting this sale up and will post more photos on our Facebook page! For the most up to date info follow our Facebook page where we have more photos and daily updates. Come be one of 12,000+ people that are following us on Facebook! (Simply search for 603 Estate Sales on Facebook and "Like" or "Follow" our page) Also follow us on Instagram! (603_Estate_Sales)

Bring shopping bags or Boxes with you! We simply cannot supply bags & boxes for hundreds of people.* NOTE: We reserve the right and we WILL check ALL boxes, bags, purses before you exit.

Cash and Credit only. For fastest checkout, bring cash.

Our Estate Sales are simply conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Get there very early and well before opening time if you expect to be one of the first to enter. Often we have long lines therefore we have to limit the amount of shoppers inside at one time. We do this based on the safety of our shoppers and respect for our clients homes. We open promptly at the advertised time for each sale. We never allow early entry. We don't give out prices before the sale for any reason. Security cameras and security alarm system in place at home and during the sale. WE PROSECUTE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

This sale is going to be exciting!

Thank you for your support!

~Michael & Teal Baldasaro~ 603 Estate Sales

Make sure to "FOLLOW" us on FaceBook! ( 603 Estate Sales ) 

& on Instagram! (603_Estate_Sales)

603 Estate Sales


"The Most Awarded Estate Liquidator in New Hampshire"


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